We are SUPER
We are CRAZY We are GAMERS

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We are Super. We are Crazy. We are Gamers

We are passionate about gaming and after playing various games for a number of years we have decided to embrace technology and create SCG.

Starting out a few years back as SCC (SuperCrazyClan) we battled our way through Battlefield 2, 2142, 3 and now 4. Realising that we only needed a "clan" in Battlefield we decided to become "CrazyGamers" as we play many games :-P

Recently we created and created and play our own private Minecraft worlds, but that is all about to change. Once we are up and running we aim to regularly Twitch & YouTube our exploits and eventually open the worlds up to anyone crazy enough to want to join us....

Our Twitching will expand into games such as Elite Dangerous & Archeage... Oh we have only just begun :-)

So brace yourself in clenched anticipation as we beaver behind the scenes creating the ultimate gaming channel of crazy gamers who game!


The SuperCrazyGamers

What? Game Over? no way! Just one more go!!!..... oh wait, we can?! Yay!!! Lets play!!


Get in touch

We love receiving mail!! Whats that? Whats our address?... oh no, you mis-understand... we don't like receiving REAL mail printed on real paper, oh no.... We like recieving electronic mail... I think the kids are calling it "email". So go on, be social.... email us!!

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